COMODO Anti Virus Beta and ram size>

Anyone considering installing this program should be aware that the 128Meg ram spec is totally inadaquate.

Having installed the COMODO firewall some weeks ago on a laptop that is used to monitor a automatic weather station and to upload data to a website on an hourly basis I found this to be so successful that I downloaded the COMODO antivirus program and relying on the 128 meg of ram figue I was much surprised to fing that it over ran the ram, making the computer unuseable.
No big deal you say, just uninstall!!!
It took me over seven hours to finally remove it.
Wow was I impressed with the self protecting features of the program no matter what I tried to do to turn it off so that I could uninstall it it prevented me doing so.
I was finally reduced to booting up running DOS and by several devious tricks { which I wont disclose on this forum for obvious reasons} I was able to finally able to remove it for the time being

I will revisit this program when I am able to increase the ram size and when it comes out of the beta version and if it is still a free download. (L)


I’m sorry about your luck with CAVS Beta 1.1, however there is a new version (CAVS Beta 2) which is currently scheduled for release on the 12th of October. I agree 128MB is not enough memory to be running this application on, however Comodo is working to reduce the resources needed and they will.


Thank you Justin.
I will look foward to the final! release of the program and in the meantime try and add more ram to have another go.


Sounds good, make sure to visit the forums often so you can get information about the latest beta version and release date.