Comodo Anti-Virus Automatic Updates

First, I’d like to thank you for providing a free anti-virus!
There is one issue that is bugging me and that is the automatic updates. They are multiple times per day and maybe it’s just me, but they seem to coincide with mouse or computer activity. In other words, the updates are slowing me down. When I’m trying to do something, suddenly your program decides to perform an update check and install the updates. Very annoying!! Plus, there is no way I can control the updates. I can not set the update check for once per day and tell it to ask me for the apporpriate time to perform the install.
Is it possible to alter this behavior? Allow users to control the number of times the update check is performed and select the apporpriate time to install.
You have made vast improvements, keep up the good work!

Thank you again,

what are your hardware specs becasue I notice no slowdown on the updates. As of this time there is no way of controlling updates, it checks ever 30 minutes but hopefully the development team has heard us and in future releases we can control the updates.

My OS is Windows XP Media Center Edition Version 2002 with Service Pack 3. System is a Sony Vaio Laptop Core 2 Cpu @ 1.84 Ghz with 1 Gb ram. When the ballon appears that Comodo is checking for updates and I click on Word I do notice a momentary delay. The same behavior occurs when the baloon says the updates are being applied. Is it really necessary to update every 30 minutes? Would once per day be sufficient?


30 min update is good because it protects us against latest threats as quickly as possible.
I m using windows xp sp3, 1GB ram, 845 Motherboard, still when update is going on my pc does not slow down.

The ram is the problem, for any modern computer especially something with a dual core I would recommend at least 2 GB in a matched pair. Check it out, you can double your ran for about $30 that should easily stop any delay. You will of course have to find the specs of the ram (speed) but if you know that I can recommend one for you if you want.

Thanks LanGuy for your suggestions! I’ll work on the ram situation, that will help my system overall. :slight_smile:

I was checking out the other wishlist suggestions and I think fingershop says part of what I’m feeling when he replied to silent updates with these suggestions.

From fingershop:
[u]It seems like Comodo is always updating itself, in one way or another, when I’m busy doing something that doesn’t want interrupting.

Comodo could monitor the cpu usage, or network utilization, or system “idleness”, and only do updates when the cpu is low, or the network or system is idle.

The tooltip on the tray icon should show the last update time, to make it easier to verify how current it is.

The tray icon could flash a red exclamation if Comodo couldn’t update itself because of user activity, or lack of idle time.[/u]

Thanks to the guys at Comodo for providing a great product and the opportunity to talk about it!! :-TU