Comodo Anti-Virus and Outlook


I am a new user of your Personal Firewall and Anti-Virus Programmes
Having sent E-mails without any problems previously ( or not appeared to have had any )
I came across what seems to be a problem this morning

When Sending any Mail This Warning comes up


an application is trying to send mail without your interaction
it may be a mass mailer worm

Company Name : Microsoft Corporation
File Description: Microsoft Office Outlook
Application Path: C:\PROGR~1\MICROS~2\OFFICE11

On each of three occasions i have selected the option to block the application from
sending mail, but i am aware that mail( the ones that i intended to send )have been
delivered and in one instance to a major company ( where i might add, no virus or worm has
been picked up on by their protection )

Having run anti-virus on C drine and then the whole system and found nothing

I would be grateful if you could tell me

             1. If I do indeed have a problem
             2. How do I set about dealing with it
             3. If there isn't a problem - how do i get rid of the warning message

I would be grateful for any input

Ditto here…I’ve got a fresh install of WinXP(SP2) and Office 2000 with all Microsoft updates installed. When I compose mail in OUTLOOK 2000 and then hit SEND, I get the MASS MAILER ALERT. My warning says:

An application is trying to send mail without your interaction. It may be a Mass Mailer Worm.
Company Name: Microsoft Corporation
File Description: Microsoft Windows™ Messaging Subsyt…
Application Path: C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MAPI\1033\nt\MAPISP32.EXE

If I “DENY this application to send mail this time”, Outlook locks up and can only be terminated via Task Manager. When Outlook is restarted, the message is seen in the Outbox, and will send successfully upon pressing the SEND AND RECEIVE button (following a Commodo AV scan).

Full Comodo AV system scan revealed no problems, and a system scan with ADAWARE and SPYBOT revealed only the normal tracking cookies that were deleted.

Comodo details:
Build Version:
Virus Database Version:
Allow DB Version:
Program Updates Version:
Last Signature Update: 04 Aug 06

Thanks for offering some great products for free.