Comodo Anti Theft (CAT) v1.0.19960.1 on Android is released.

Hi, dear guys,

We are so pleased to announce that, as a standalone product, Comodo Anti Theft (CAT) v1.0.19960.1 on Android is released on forum and will be launched to Android Market soon.

This is the first release of COMODO Anti Theft (CAT), which allows you to locate, lock or wipe the device and alarm or take photos quickly and easily if it’s lost or stolen. It features:

  • Remote Locate: Sends you the Google map location of your phone;
  • SIM Change Alerts: Will Send a text message to your buddy number if the SIM card is replaced;
  • Sound An Alarm: Causes your device to emit a maximum volume alarm even if sound is disabled;
  • Remote Device Lock: Enforces password protection at the home screen of your device;
  • Remote Device Wipe: Erases all stored messages, call history, contacts, browser bookmarks, pictures, music, video and files stored on your SD card;
  • Remote Capture: Takes a photo of the possessor of your missing or stolen device and sends it immediately to your email address.

We are aiming at providing our users best FREE mobile security products as we can. We sincerely hope that all of you can continuously support our CMS and CAT on Android Market! Meanwhile, let’s together to looking forwards coming features: Backup,Traffic Monitoring and Battery Doctor.

Product/download webpage:

size: 1.59 MB (1,671,168 bytes)
md5: 2b53c322ce4723500632175c1d9ab43d
sha1: 3fcf36437f34bfa351aec4b32b6b22d58e8a78f1

Warmest regards,


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excellent work guys!!!

Could you please tell me what is a difference between CAT and Anti-Theft in CMS?
Should I use CAT together with CMS or not?

Congratulation with the release. That will surely help people whose phone got stolen.

No. Do not use parallel to CMS with anti-theft activated.
This is the stand-alone anti-theft app.
It would be targeted towards those that just want the anti-theft part of CMS.

Congratulations on this release. Sweet.

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On a side note, it is advisable not to include a module to improve battery stats as these tend to chew up as much as you would save with them. (experience plus what I could find on various mobile forums with topics about this).

GB is very stable and good on battery usage. ICS is a heavier on the battery so UV and tweaking seem to help offset this.

Thank you anyhow. :slight_smile:

Does Comodo Antivirus Free, or Comodo Anti Theft, for Andorid, allow to use the Internet to locate, wipe, lock, etc., my phone? If not, do you plan to offer this in the future?

Currently no. But this will be considered in a future release.

what about the option to send pics to both buddy phone and email at the same time

Hi, developers!
Thanks for excellent soft :slight_smile: !
If it’s possible, make auto blocking of screen of smartphone after restart or turn on without SIM, or with wrong SIM. Without waiting any SMS.
Excuse for my poor english :frowning: .

Zjuga, you are asking for the lock screen. Does not your phone include a secure lock screen?
Or are you asking for the option to activate the password (most secure) lock screen from within, if certain other events are detected?

Thanks for answer John Buchanan!
Yes, my phone include a secure lock screen. But the screen is locked after each sleeping… it’s too often :frowning:
It isn’t as convenient, as if the screen is locked after phone restart only.

Thanks a lot but I send the commands from the buddy’s phone and they never did what they supposed to do…my phone is samsung galaxy with android 2.3.1

It is supposed to be locked after each blank screen (sleep). This is how your lock screen behaves normally when you secure it, why should Comodo be any different?
Your lock screen is either secured or it isn’t.
This is a function of your phone.
Talk to the devs on XDA Forums if what you ask is even possible.

Dear Comodo Team,

I did install internet Security in my Android phone (Galaxy s3)
It is very good , I love it.
But, there is one issue, which does not look for me as good enough.
I mean the " Remoute Capture" option in Anti- Theft service.
The captured picture will be sent to email. It is not so cozily to find this picture on mail from android telephone
( which is not yours and you have not your email in it), when you run in the street and looking for your stolen phone.
It must be much better to see this picture on buddy ( or any other ) telephone which you use for help to find
your stolen phone. Such you can in real time to find the thief.
Therefore I would recommend you to add in “Remote Capture” for Android the option to send captured picture
to phone from which the activation command was received .


An mms message would be a good idea

When you guys will update CAT in Google Play? It’s 1 year old there.
Since then, there were significant changes like a new interface, more languages supported and sending a last known location when battery is low (last CMS update). ???

Whether hello I would like that the anti-thief seized at zhosky dumping the anti-thief it wasn’t erased from android and remained to work that pilferers were are found it is possible such to make