Comodo Anti-Spam

Hi there. I have downloaded and installed the 2.0 version of this program. My problem is that it is not putting any e-mails that I don’t want coming through into the quarantine module. I am running Win XP Pro Media Centre. I also run the Comodo Anti-Virus, and Firewall. I do know that the Spyware selected the file “SVCHOST.exe”, as possibly infected, and put it in the Quarantine vault. Is there a way to replace the “SVCHOST.exe” file? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Mailman, Comodo AntiSpam is not work well with current Comodo Anti-Virus, for the later has different email protection policy. We think Comodo AntiSpam will work well with the next version Comodo Anti-Virus. Thanks for your attention on Comodo products.

I installed it running the firewall not the anti-virus program using my XP Pro SP3 and all
Katchoo broke out, a horrible danger window flashed, my monitor started blinking, so I
immediately shut down rebooted into safe mode and uninstalled it, what was that
all about I’d like to know, Yipes!! Wow! has anyone had that happen?

I’ve not previously experienced that issue.

I do however know that Comodo Antispam doesn’t work with CAVS 2 when CAVS 2’s "Mass Mailing Protection is turned on. If you turn this option off (Somewhere under settings, I can’t remember where) then the two will coexhist just fine.

CAVS 3 is recently reported as to come out towards the end of July and is a COMPLETELY different Antivirus and much faster (just look at the the scanner integrated with CPF 3’s Defense +

Finally, if you are running CAVS 2 and CPF3 with Defense + please diasble CAVS 2’s HIPS as it’s likely to cause conflicts.


Well until the new version comes out I’m running a test beta version of Web Roots
Spy Sweeper, its a good tool for both Spy Ware And Virus protection but its not free.
I’ve been using the Comodo firewall with good success, Win Patrol and BOClean