Comodo Anti Spam New Version stops me connecting to the internet

Downloaded the new version of Comodo Anti Sam ( Upon instalation I was told to uninstall the old version of CAS (1.01) first, however the old version would not uninstall untill I reinstalled the old version over the one already installed, and was then able to uninstall it.

I then was able to install the new version of CAS. Then things went wrong, I could not Connect to the internet, uninstalled the new version and reinstalled the old version and all was well in connecting to the internet.

I uninstalled the old version and the same thing happened, I could not connect to the internet, so installed it again and everything back to normal except when I start the computer I keep geting a popup to down load the new version of CAS. How can I get rid of CAS (1.01) and and still conect to the internet?

o/s Windows XP Home. Comodo firewall, BOC, AVG8 anti virus and Threatfire. Browser Firefox


Run the uninstaller then reboot. Once you’ve done that, locate and delete any folders labeled anti-spam in the following directories:

C:/Program Files/Comodo
C:/Documents and settings/all users/application data/Comodo
C:/documents and settings/[username]/application data/comodo
C:/program files/common files/comodo

then run something like ccleaner to remove temp files and clean invalid registry entries (can be downloaded from

Reboot and then install the fresh version.


Hi Eric

Did as you sugested, same thing happened, unable to connect to the internet.

I used system restore to get back to normal.

Somthing in Comodo anti Spam 2 is stopping me geting am internet connection, also when I uninstall the earlier version this also stops me geting an internet connection.

I will juist have to live with CAS(1.01).


I recently discovered that comodo antispam appears to have a conflict with some antivirus programs with regards to their mass mailing protection or extended email protection. Keep any eye out for a future release.


Hi, RebelC

I had the same problem under my topic IE7 autoloads CAS upgrade web page.

I also tried Restore to return to the earlier version of CAS i.e., CAS 2005 with no solution.

However if the autoload problem persists for you with CAS 2005 this was my solution to the problem

With a little help from Paul, PacMan, I found a registery key in msconfig that had a ‘-g’ tag attached to the start-up for Comodo AntiSpam 2005:


Initially I dissabled this key and the problem stopped although I had to start CAS 2005 manually.

In discussion with Paul we decided to try and remove the ‘-g’ tag = possibly ‘upgrade?’

With CodeStuff Starter loaded and running I edited the ‘key’ and removed the -g tag.

In msconfig I enabled the key again.

Rebooted the machine and no auto start for IE7 or CAS Download page load.

Comodo AntiSpam 2005 now loads normally although I have to manually close its start-up menu box.



I’m having the same problem! I think I’ll downgrade back to the old Comodo, until this is fixed. Is there any way to get a notification when it’s fixed?