comodo anti malware and anit virus??

What is the detection ratio for these products like when compared to Avast and AVG anti spyware and other popular software??

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  1. BOClean is not a ‘filescanner’ in the proper sense. It’s more of a system monitor that stops ‘baddies’ as soon as they attempt to run. It can not (really) detect any ‘sleeping’ baddies (even though you can drag&drop files into ot’s GUI). However, it has a fairly large list of currently covered malware as well as the ability to uncover and stop unknown / disguised malware (specialized on trajans). IMO it’s an indispensable complement to your AV which adds an awful lot of extra protection.
    Have a look here:

  2. Detection is currently not the strength of CAVS.
    Have a look here:,8770.msg63515.html#msg63515
    However, CAVS is focussing on prevention (HIPS) rather than detection (even if it’s database of baddies is growing each day - cf. the above linked thread for more info.

When CPF v3 with full HIPS is released it will, however, make CAVS’ HIPS obsolete (AFAIK). So, IMO, you’d rather go for AVAST or AVG or whatever you like best until CAVS will entually have better detection skills (if an AV is still needed having CPF 3 ;D). I’m positive that CAVS will eventually become (one of the) best AV programmes available but unfortunately it isn’t yet (just my opinion - you’ll find many who’d beg to differ and who, maybe, have better arguments).

Regardless of what I think of CAVS, you should just try it and see how it works for you. Any opinion on any security product is always dependent on personal preferences and priorities, surfing habits, … So give it a try because one (or more) thing’s (are) for sure: (R) and (S) and (L) and (B)
Make sure to use BOClean and CPF though!!!
Check this out:,8376.msg60678.html#msg60678
Hope that helps.