when i scan a file all i get is _ “antiviruses engine is not initialized”.however the comodo menu says All services are active and running supposeably.Sometimes when i restart it fixes this problem mostly not.1 week using comodo.Scan from menu it says ERROR CODE:ox800705aa insufficient system resources to complete requested service.I saw the same problem mentioned here but even your top comodo people couldnt get it fixed for him.IM worried i spent a week geeting this firewall working well just to find i gotta uninstall all this junk because evidently all the forums and ceo threads ads and bs doesnt get your faulty Anti Virus working like it should.Why doesnt comodo have a real support forum .i spent 45 minutes looking for worthwlie trouble shooting help,couldnt find it.ANYONE no were i can find legit tech help on this matter this website is alot of hotair.

Q9400 @3.4MHZ_GA EP45-UD3P_Gskill 4gig 1066__Arctic cooler 7_ 750W pc power&cooling_ 8600gtxxx_WD640sata,WD500ext.esata_ Lian-li K7B_acer23"H233H_ XP pro sp3

Welcome to the Forum, Cyrus.
It sounds like you have a corrupt file. I noticed in another post you are running Ad-Aware.
To resolve your problem, you will have to uninstall CIS (possibly have to run a registry cleaner also), and uninstall Ad-Aware. (sometimes running an AV can cause installer issues).
Reboot, and do a clean install of CIS. At this time you can re-install your AV (note there have been issues with the AE version of Ad-Aware running at the same time as CIS).
Don’t forget to disable CIS’ AV if you included it with your CIS installation.