Comodo Anitvirus Problem.. CPU to high 52%

I intalled this antivirus program today since i thought it would be nice to check it out. I run a Dell Lattitude D820. My problem is that it uses 52% of the cpu all the time. And the scaning of the hard drive takes hours.

Cant have it like this so to bad I cant find a solution for it, or does anyone knows how to fix it?



Hey Mike, welcome to the forums (:WAV)

What version of CAVS do you have? (I’m guessing it’s 1.1…)


Hey and thanks.

Yes its version 1.1 i had. To bad I had to uninstall it, my computer was almost burning up.

Since i work with computers every day I had to see about the free software. Im always saying you get what you pay for, but its never to late to change. At least I like the firewall very much at the moment. Clean and easy to configure.

About the Virusprotecion I have to wait. I think they will fix this…

Yes, largely it has been, with the current Beta release of CAVS 2.x. There are some other issues currently being worked on for resolution.

I understand about the need for good, solid (and free!) software; I am confident that Comodo’s AV offering will get there! They are certainly working ■■■■■■■ it, IMO.

On a somewhat (?) humorous note, if you only had 52% of resources used, you were doing great! ;D I know some experienced far higher (although some were lower); all depends on the specific system.

Keep your eye on CAVS, for the next public release of 2.x. It’s already a great improvement over 1.1, and will be better still by that point.