Comodo and ZA on a LAN

(:WAV) Fairly new to Comodo and a total noobie to the Forum. Now down to the question. (:NRD) I have a 3 PC LAN. 2 wired towers (1 XP Pro & 1 Win 2k w\ZA Pro). Also a lap top that alternates between wired and wireless running XP Pro w\ZA Pro 5.5 (for liter resource usage then the current ZA Pro). There is one shared drive on the LAN. I would really like to switch to Comodo on the lap top, however, when I tried it before I lost my network share. I was concerned about just poking around in the settings for fear of losing my Internet connection but opening up unnecessary holes\security risks. Any\all help is appreciated. :■■■■

Where do you have your shared drive?

Thank you for the reply and your time. I knew I would leave something out. The shared drive is on the tower running 2k Pro w\ZA Pro.

To enable file and print sharing and ICS across a LAN with CPF, all you need to do is install CPF, and then go to SECURITY - TASKS - “Add/Remove/Modify a Zone”. Define a range of IP addresses sufficient to cover all the PCs on your LAN (incuding any routers) and then click “Define a trusted network”. In the Trusted Network wizard, select the zone we have previously created and click OK. This sets your local LAN zone as trusted, automatically creates the appropriate rules and allows secured access within your LAN.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thank you for the time and answer. Will give it a try at my first opportunity. :■■■■