Comodo and XP SP2 Home Edition [Resolved]

I have removed LooknStop and installed Comodo. I have XP SP2 Home Edition and it won’t recognize Comodo. How do I get XP to?


Welcome to the Comodo Forums! Windows Security Center should automatically recognize/acknowledge CPF as the firewall; however I have personally noticed that sometimes it does not. :cry:

Open the Windows Security Center (Start/Control Panel/Security Center), go to the bottom, under “Manage Security Settings for…” and click on Firewall. On the next window, make sure that “Off” is clicked.

If that’s set, at this point, I’d reboot the computer. That has worked for me, when Windows doesn’t acknowledge CPF.

Hope that helps (let us know),


I found out what the problem was . I hadn’t shut down LnS before I uninstalled it. I guess that kept it tied to Windows. I had to re-install then uninstall. All is fine now. Thank you.

Aha! Glad you got that figured out. Sometimes these little remnants can be left, and cause headaches…

If you have any other questions about CPF, please dig around the forums; you will likely find your answer. If not, add a post and ask your question; someone will be glad to answer. The more descriptive & concise the Subject line, the better!


PS: I will note this topic Resolved and closed, for other users’ benefit…