Comodo and Word 2000

I am not an expert by any means so have to rely on others-so here goes
I am using vs.3.13.121240.574 and running Visa Home Premium on an Acer Laptop
About 4 weeks ago my Word 2000 stopped working
It has been suggested that my AV or Firewall may be at the core of the problem, so I’m writing both forums
When I open the program all works well
But if I try to open a word doc from Windows Explorer I get an error message that says windows cannot find the file. Just before that message, I get a User Access Control message telling me that winword.exe is from an unidentifed publisher do I want to allow it to access my compuer

Is it possibe:

Comodo may be blocking this action?
And if so, how do I set the permissions (not sure if that’s the right term) to allow winword.exe to open the document?

Thanks for any help

You will need to allow UAC to start winword.exe. Does that solve your problem?

Usually Microsoft signs its executables. So, make sure winword.exe is indeed Microsoft Word; it should be in the Microsoft Office installation folder.

How are you using CIS? As AV only or as the complete suite with AV and firewall with D+?

I do allow Winword.exe and it does not solve the problem
I used my original my original lnstallation disk to reinstall Office 2000 Pro after Word stopped working
All of the other Office pgms work and microsoft is recognized as the Publisher
I cannot find a way to have User Access Control to recognize winword
And I use CIS as a Firewall with Defender and do not use the AV - I use Avast as my AV