Comodo and Windows 8.1

Firewall not working after 8.1 upgrade!

  • uninstall/reinstall doesn’t work
  • clean up batch doesn’t work
  • diagnoseUI switch doesn’t work (quits at 65%)

Much Googling and reading and all I find are:

  • lots of people having the problem
  • lots of people unable to solve the problem
  • lots of references to here, there, anywhere but none to an effective solution

The fault may be with the Microsoft and the 8.1 upgrade, but I gave you my money. If you want more of my money, you’ll come up with a concise fix that doesn’t send me on a wild Google hunt and that doesn’t require me getting under the hood, that’s s why I use paid software.

I suggest a big sticky solution message in all forums, if one in fact exists. Better yet, why not code the fix into an upgrade. Let your programmers deal with the grief and allow your customers to get on with their work.

Yours (but not for long),

The fix for this was included in a previous update. This fixed the issue for the vast majority of users. It appears that there is something particular about your system. Don’t worry, we’ll figure out how to get it up and running on your system.

Just to make sure, did you follow the advice given in this topic:

including running the recommended removal tool in Safe Mode and running the removal tools for any other anti-malware applications which used to be installed on the computer but are now uninstalled? If not please try that and see if it helps.

Also, please list any other security or maintenance software currently on your computer, if any.

Thank you.

I’m guessing you did an upgrade in place? By that I mean you just installed the 8.1 upgrade on your existing Windows 8 system? I had several niggly problems (including CIS) when I did that too. The solution is a complete reinstall. I reinstalled Windows 8 and all the Windows 8 drivers, then I ran Windows update until the store offered me the upgrade. I then upgraded to Windows 8.1. Only then did I reinstall CIS and all my other third-party applications. It’s been running perfectly since then.

IMO these issues are caused by the Windows upgrade process not CIS.

This, I had tons of issues with Windows 8.1 after upgrading to it, did a clean install of Windows 8.0 and installed all third-party applications after updating to Windows 8.1 and it fixed everything. Honestly I’ve had a bad experience of any kind of Windows upgrade when updating from a system with several third-party apps.

I’ll accept that the upgrade in place is the culprit. After dealing with other problems, blaming MS is appropriate. I was really, really, trying to avoid the complete reinstall. You’d think by now (95,98,Me,XP,Vista,7,8) they’d have nailed it.

Dialing back the rhetoric, I still believe an official one-click scan and purge utility would be useful. Scrubbing previous installs and versions is best done by those that know them best, the original authors.

I appreciate the volunteer support here and hope development staff take up these suggestions to better overall end user experiences.