Comodo and Windows 8.1

2 months ago, I installed windows 8.1Preview over my windows 8 pro, and voila’ Comodo ceased to function. I decided to forgoe the 8.1 ver of Windows, and after a lot of scrambling to recall just where I had put my Windows 8 Pro installation file (I bought it online through the official Windows website for 39.00 as a promo, and opted for the download ver., as opposed to getting the CD) and then some silly issues with re-activating the OS with a valid key, I was able to get Comodo back up and running properly. I use your CIS Premium ver.

Now I can download and install the full ver. of Windows 8.1.

Have you guys made the latest ver. of CIS Premium compatible with Windows 8.1 yet??? If not, then when?

The most recent version is fully compatible with Windows 8.1. However, if you experience any problems after upgrading to Windows 8.1 I would recommend reinstalling CIS by following the advice I give in this topic:

This should be able to solve any problems you experience.


I’d like to go further and suggest to uninstall CIS before updating to Windows 8.1 and then installing CIS again after updating to Windows 8.1. From what I gather CIS WILL get corrupted by the update, and what was done to fix this was to make the diagnostics tool able to run and detect this corruption and fix it, I’d rather trust a complete re-install with a higher chance of success than fixing corruption. Just my opinion.