Comodo and Windows 10

Hi everyone, I have a problem: When I updated to win 10 in my laptop Comodo can´t run in my PC and I see this notification:

“This application can not run on this pc, Comodo 8.0 does not work in this version of Windows. more information”

I unistall Comodo and and try to install it again but I came out this. ¿I can do it?

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Please wait for the update.

Dear Comodeitor,

Please kindly wait for the following days to get the update.

We are currently working on CIS Win10 release.

Kind Regards

There have been technical previews and insider previews of Windows 10 since months, in my opinion it’s pretty embarrassing for COMODO to not have a Windows 10 compatible release on Windows 10 launch date.

And they made it compatible with build 9926, that doesn’t mean it’s compatible with the RTM release since so much can change from build to build and the RTM version has only been out for a limited time and during that time they may have found major bugs that need dealing with.

Build 9926 is 7 months old

Exactly, that’s my point, your point that “There have been technical previews and insider previews of Windows 10 since months” is irrelevant since from build to build a lot can change and they may have to redo things again, we don’t know if they worked on builds after 9926 since they haven’t released a version since around that time. The time they had to update CIS was effectively the time since build 10240 was released to Insiders and at that point it wasn’t specifically stated that it was RTM so they couldn’t be sure that that was going to be the final build until a while into that Insider preview. Also some perhaps newly introduced features in build 10240 could have introduced new major bugs in CIS that they’ve now found and is delaying the update. Simply put we don’t know why it’s taking so long but we do know they are working on it but at the same time saying that they’ve had months to work on it is simply being dishonest because of how things can change dramatically from build to build.

They should have incrementally tested every new build, at least the preview builds in the slow ring. If the last supported version is a 7 months old build, that’s the problem.

Please give some respect to the opening poster, they have not joined and posted to ask what Comodo should or shouldn’t do.

They have joined to ask for assistance with an issue, so please stay on topic.


same issue here. extracted the msi as was mentioned got it installed it took an update. restarted. and comodo fails to start so just waiting for an update :wink:

or a hotfix.

I have Comodo Firewall and not CIS. You are working for this program also supports windows 10?

Hi and welcome Comodeitor,
Comodo Firewall is an individual component of the CIS suite, so it will be covered with the update for Windows 10 support.

Kind regards…

Have Windows 10 10240(which is RTM) and CIS 8 (latest Version), working without any problems. In Build 10166(I think) there was a Windows Bug which prevented the Firewall Driver from being installed but that got fixed with the next build…