Comodo and Win-7 fullscreen games - Black Screen of Death - Please!

I have made a thread a few months ago about Comodo and Shattered Horizon, but no one replied.

Now it is Dirt 2. I cant use Dirt 2 while Comodo is running. Whenever I start Dirt 2 the screen goes black and I can only reboot the PC. I think its because Comodo pops up the warning window but it doesnt show up because of the 3D application. But there is nothing I can do. Alt+TAB doesn work, Ctrl+Alt+Del doesnt work etc. Comodo + 3D fullscreen is a no go.

Win7 home premium 64bit

I have reinstalled comodo severall times.

Either set your Game as trusted app or run your game in Training Mode once. That should help.

Another way could be, to run the game in Window and not as full screen, so you can switch to the CIS alerts.

Merry X-mas

p.s.: this problem is discussed very often in this forum, maybe you should search next time in Defense+ Bug, too.

Follow A note to gamers and be good to go.

I will move this to the Help boards until further notice.