Comodo and VPN - Apps get internet access although they're blocked in CFW


I am using for the first time a VPN service. Before that my firewall was and is configured, that application like Office 2016, Steam and Origin are blocked, unless I allow it. That worked without any problem for many years. Now, when I start VPN connection, all apps have suddenly internet access although they are blocked in CFW. For example I started VPN and after the connection was established I started Outlook 2016. A few moments later Outlook was updating itself.

As soon as I disconnect from VPN everything works fine again.

I am very clueless because I have no idea where to start. I haven’t changed anything in CFW. And I am using the latest CFW with Win10 x64.

Can someone help me with that? I would much appreciate it.




It’s a known issue difficult to fix considering the benefits. It could take some time; not a priority.

Hope it helps.

Wow, I was expecting any kind of answer, but not this one.

So just to be clear, there is nothing I can do about it? It is a Comodo “feature” until now?

How exactly do you connect to VPN?


I use the Cyberghost software.

Hye qmarius,

I received a notification that you wrote this “Odds are that it is fixed with version 10. :)” in this thread. Well, I hope that will happen. Strange, that your comment isn’t shown here.

Comodo firewall only supports some VPN adapters that are installed by VPN software. To check if the adapter your VPN uses is compatible with the firewall, open the adapter connection properties and look for COMODO Internet Security Firewall Driver under this connection uses the following items.

Thank you very much. That did it. Now everything is working as it does without VPN connection.

You made my Sunday 8) :-TU

Wait what did you do? Was it not listed and you manually installed the driver? Or was it listed but the box was unchecked (which btw, disables the firewall driver so that no filtering by the firewall can happen) and you re-enabled it?

It was listed but not enabled.

As “qmarius” already wrote, it was listed but not enabled. But you have to be careful. If you enable it before you start the Cyberghost software, then it will be disabled by the Cyberghost software. You have to start Cyberghost first, then wait until VPN connection is established and after that you have to enable the box.

I am not sure if you could consider it an issue caused by FW (explicitly). A client-less VPN might be the better approach.

From the description it sounds like the Cyberghost software intentionally disabled the firewall driver on launch, it could be that it does it as a security (privacy) precaution or for another reason. I’d say it’s an issue caused by the Cyberghost software and not by the firewall. The firewall could potentially work around it by force-enabling the drivers on all NICs and then check that it’s still enabled continuously.

You could probably solve this by uninstalling the Cyberghost software and connecting to their OpenVPN service directly via OpenVPN GUI instead. It’s probably less convenient in some ways but you wouldn’t have to think about enabling the firewall every time you connect. Alternatively you could contact Cyberghost and ask them if they could change the behaviour so that it leaves the Comodo Firewall driver alone.