Comodo and vista home network. Blocking UDP [137, 138] & TCP

I am using Vista Home and try to connect to to Win XP. When I disable Comodo firewall then I can access the shared folders over my network. When I enable CPF then I can only see the computers on the network but cannot access shared folders. Looking CPF’s log I found out that it blocks the UDP 137, 138. I tried to set a new rule, as well as a new set of ports named UDP and TCP and assigned the proper values for each port. Unfortunately, CPF keeps blogging these ports or any incoming/ outgoing transmission.
Since this is a system service I cannot use the application wizard which allows you to set full or not access to certain applications.
As a suggestion, I think it would be useful to add the option to right click on blocked/ disabled events and add them as rules eg. trusted application, open port etc.

I am using CPF v3. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I would not like to change comodo just for this reason :frowning:


Hi el principal, welcome to the forums

CFP should have detected your LAN (Home Network) on installation or when it was first detected (used). The easiest way to add a LAN is to… open CFP, goto the Firewall section & run “Stealth Ports Wizard”. Select the first option “Define a new trusted network” & enter the IP ranges of your LAN. This will create a new Global Rule (Firewall - Advanced - Network Security Policy - Global Rules tab) that allows unfettered access across your LAN… or you could create the Global Rules manually.

I hope that helps.