Comodo and Virtualization

Hello all,
i have basic knowledge of comodo and other things like virtualization etc.
I have one program called memu its an android emulator. Since years it keeps telling me i have to enable virtualization (vt) to run faster.
I tried after so much time to do so and changed my bios settings to enable it but even though i did that windows do not recognize it. I also made some other changes and i still cant do it.
I suspect that comodo is blocking the virtualization. I have the version. Since i cant really navigate and understand all these parameters in advanced section is there anyone that can help me?. Thank you in advance.

CIS no longer uses a hypervisor, your issue could be that memu requires EPT support which may not be supported on your CPU. Can you provide a screenshot of CPU-Z?

I have speccy, is that ok?

Are you sure you enabled it in the BIOS or UEFI settings? What OS are you using? If Windows 10 check to see if core isolation memory integrity is enabled, if it is disable it and reboot.

Yes i did in bios and checked in uefi setts. I am using win 10 indeed, i send you link with os/cpu/and screenshot of task manager with vrtualization off.
I cant get access to core isolation memory however i changed it in registry settings and restarted but nothing changed.
Here is what i get in device security window:

You can try uninstalling CIS to see if virtualization will get enabled, I do remember now that v11 builds drivers are not HVCI compliant but the new v12 beta is.