Comodo and uTorrent [Resolved]

Hi all. (:WAV)

I have uTorrent working like a dream but as soon as I turn on Comodo firewall it stops my port forwarding.

Even though I have set the Application Monitor on Comodo to allow uTorrent in/out through both TCP and UDP.

Destination IP is set to Any and I have Destination Port set to Any (it didn’t work) so I tried A Single Port (which also doesn’t work).

Any help would be appreciated.

thank you.

In the Advanced menu → Advanced Protections and Analysis → Miscellaneous, uncheck “Do protocol analysis”.

Hi Zito,

Thanks for the response but it’s still not allowing port forwarding on utorrent. But as soon as I turn comodo off I get the green tick!

Would it be possible to get your settings on comodo? Are you getting the green tick on utorrent?

Thank again


First, check the port utorrent is using (options, preference, connection) and disable uPnP-mapping.

Comodo settings (I am using
Go to Network Security Policy to the ‘Global Rules’-tab.
Add the following:
Source address: Any
Destination address: single IP (your computer’s static IP)
Source port: any
Destination port: a single port (the one you found in the utorrent connection settings).

This should do the job and gives you a green utorrent running :slight_smile:

At least… it worked for me :slight_smile:

Harry (:NRD)

Hello Harry,

Thank you for your help - I had to change from version to the Beta version so I could follow your instructions and yes it’s all working. (:CLP)

Just one question on the Comodo Beta how stable is it? Have you had any problems?

Thanks again… ;D

Hello. If I run uTorrent, then others connections gone down (IE, FF, Miranda etc.). IE + FF shown me 404 error, Miranda shown me “Unable to connect to ICQ communication server, error 10055”. This error means this:

uTorrent work perfectly, but anothers programs are disconnected. When I turn off uTorrent, other programs work perfectly. I think, that the problem is in number of connection in COMODO.

Is possible to setup COMODO for more connections? Thank you for reply.

hello all.
hell, i was having trouble with all my apps. utorrent, emule, slsk everything.

the solution by hbobeck worked for me and i did it for all my apps and everything’s fine now.

Thank You :BNC

hbobeck’s solution worked for me also (thanks!) but it is necessary to move the newly created rule one position up in the Network Control Rules list, so that the incoming uTorrent connections would not be blocked by the previous application of the catch-all rule blocking&logging every connection. Once I did this, I got the blessed green network status icon on uTorrent.

Just so everyone knows, there is a wealth of information available regarding configuring CFP for p2p applications, network/ICS/printer-sharing, and so on in this thread:,6167.0.html

The thread also has a link to the FAQs/Threads - Read Me First with a whole bunch more links, categorized by type of issue.

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