Comodo and Tivo

Previously, I was running ZoneAlarm, but hated it, so today I switched to Comodo. Mostly I’ve had no problems, however my connection to my Tivo is a problem.
I had a similar problem with ZoneAlarm, but was able to fix it by going into the trusted Zone (my network) and add the IP address of my Tivo.
I’ve tried the same thing with Comodo, however it does not work.
I go to “network monitor”, “add” “IP” “single IP” then the number. No luck.
When I add a specific IP address, I get the feeling that I’m not adding it to the trusted network zone the way I did with ZA.
So, since I know VERY little about networking and firewalls, my question is this -
Specifically how in Comodo do I go about what I did in ZoneAlarm - namely adding a specific IP address to my trusted zone.

I finally solved the problem. It was not related to the firewall at all - but was rather a problem with Tivo. I appologize for wasting of anyone’s time.

Glad to see you solved your problem, but I would like to see you post what you needed to change on your Tivo… this way if another user down the road has the same issue, they can thank you for providing the answer well in advance.