Comodo and Threatfire

I have returned to using Comod v3, and find that my network problems seem to have disappeared with the latest version). (:CLP) At least I can access my NAS again, so my backups work!

In the interim I have been using the PCTools Firewall with Threatfire, and much prefer the almost non-existent intrusion that Threatfire brings compared with Defense+. I have disable Defense+ and continue to use Threatfire, but does anyone have any experience of this combination?

PS On my laptop, which I travel with, I am still using Defense+ as I suspect (without evidence) it is more vigorous. I am a little less worried when sitting behind my NAT router at home using a known connection.

D+ is far superior to TF. No need to use TF and disable D+. Just look at Matousec results and several other article like PC Mag.

I am unsure if that is a conclusion that can be drawn, even though you could be correct.

Comodo with Defense+ may be better than PCTools Firewall (with or without Threatfire is unlcear to me), but nowhere can I see that he tests Comodo+Threatfire; or PCTools with Defense+ for that matter.

Thats cause TF is a behavior blocker only. Comodo is a behavior blocker and firewall. Best of both worlds all in one.

Comodo + Defense+ is a firewall and blocker; Comodo + Threatfire is similar. How do you support your contention that Comodo + Defense+ is better than Comodo + Threatfire?

Why install Comodo and disable the D+ just install TF. Then your gonna need 3 programs running. Comodo.TF and your av. I would rather just run Comodo and Avira Premium and be done with it and less processes running.

keylogging issue -

Running CFP3 w/Defense+ AND TF with no conflicts.

There is no use using TF When you have Defense+ enabled in CFP 3, the HIPS in CFP is MUCH more powerful!


2 HIPS is not a good idea. No reason to run 2 of the same programs. Thats like running to av’s.

After looking into this issue further I have removed TF. Thanks MrBrian for posting this up.

You’re welcome

I did manage to come up with a few reasons to run ThreatFire for those already running CFP - see However, I decided to not use both together because of this issue and also not wanting to worry about potential interaction issues between future versions.