Comodo and the ongoing trust saga

Comodo and the ongoing trust saga
Several issues were brought to light about Comodo over the past lord knows how long, and the latest incident, as with many before it, concern their SSL certs. In this case, Melih’s defense is that these are DV certs, and thus do not require “validation” as to the identity of the person obtaining such - this might be the case, but when your tag line is “Creating Trust Online”, your defense should NOT be to try and slag off those bringing such to light, or telling them to get in touch with someone else to get this sorted out - IT IS YOUR COMPANY, YOUR CERTIFICATES - YOUR PROBLEM!

If DV certs do not require validation as to the identity or anything else, of the person obtaining such, there’s a simple solution - STOP PROVIDING THEM!. Surely you have a choice as to the type of certificate you can issue?

Even if you are forced to offer DV certs, you still have a responsibility to monitor the use of such, and if you don’t have the staff to do so, then either hire more staff or STOP ISSUING CERTIFICATES UNTIL YOU HAVE THE INFRASTRUCTURE TO PROPERLY MONITOR SUCH!.

As far as HopSurf, I really couldn’t care less who owns it or who developed it - Comodo is alledgedly a security company, again, the tag line comes into play here - Creating Trust Online. Lets see how NOT to create trust shall we?

  1. Thou shalt require those installing HopSurf be over 18
  2. Thou shalt ensure the toolbar is PRE-TICKED

Yep, great way to create trust there …

Requiring those installing HopSurf be over 18 implies that the content it provides, is of an adult nature and thus, unsuitable for minors - you do not restrict the ages of those installing your other products, and more importantly (and why I have to point this out AGAIN is beyond me), YOU ARE A SECURITY COMPANY, YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING INVOLVED IN ADULT ONLY CONTENT!!!


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Looks like Comodo gonna need a new horse again, keep on whacking at the old horse is not going to help you any faster in Security protection :smiley: cause it going to make you feel a lot slower.

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