Comodo and Spyware Terminator Together !

Hi All,

This is my first post, so hope I am in the correct forum section. (:SHY)

I have used Comodo Firewall for a good while, I really love it and have had no probs whatsoever.

I have recently downloaded and successfully installed Spyware Terminator, however, upon re-starting my PC I receive a notification in the system tray area that my Comodo Firewall has been turned off!! I can only assume that this is due to some conflict between the two applications. I have resolved the situation by using System Restore. NOD32 is already on my PC so I did not install the anti virus element of Spyware Terminator - I wanted to use in for scan purposes only.

Whilst I appreciate that other posts on this subject indicate that the two applications work well together, I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience or if anybody can help me.

I would really like to use Spyware Terminator if possible and wonder if there is a simple answer to my problem.

Many Thanks (:HUG)

Hi, (:WAV)

I did experience problems when I first installed ST, but they weren’t about CFP getting turned off, but about strange behaviour analysis popups from CFP. So there’s no reason to think your problem is related, except that mine was caused by ST, so you could give this a try. My problem was fixed by disabling NetBios over TCP/IP (at the Internet connection’s properties).