comodo and spyware terminator help

i have CIS and spyware terminator on my computer and time i install something spyware terminator alerts me
but how come defense plus does not do the same as it used to is this normal

You are overlapping your security you only need CIS the 2 could be conflicting. hence why u are not getting any alerts. You should not run more than 1 real time scanner or HIPS.

Yes, Spyware Terminator also contains a HIPS. Never a good idea to run two.

can i use immunet with comodo it is a cloud

Yes. They appear to work well together.

in your opion having them two and having comodo at it’s highest setting how well protected am i

With CIS configured as I recommended here you are protected from almost any malware assuming you don’t allow the requests. Immunet just makes it more likely malware won’t make it far enough to have a chance to trigger any alerts.

As well as lots of legitware…

Immunet has crazy amounts of false positives.