Comodo and Sprintview (broadband software)

I purchased the sprint sierra wireless 598U. It comes with sprintview software. With comodo installed and active this software does not instll correctly or completely. After over 1 hour with sprint tech support, still did not have an answer. I went back to comodo sofeware and disabled comodo permanently. This did not work. I then removed comodo from my computer completely. Set windows firewall just in case. At this point I was able to install sprintview completely. I then reinstalled comodo and it works with sprintview fantasticilly. I strongly recommend comodo, just wished they had known about this …

What does this software do?

When you installed the program did you set the installer to Installer/Updater policy.

With a fresh install CIS Defense + will be in Clean PC mode. That means it assumes that all executables on fixed disks are safe and CIS will create rules automatically when you start programs. I think that may have done the trick for you (assuming you you had different settings before uninstalling CIS).

Clean PC mode also comes in handy when playing a game.