Comodo and sliplsp.dll

I have tried to uninstall ONSPEED but there remains a folder in Windows Explorer containing just 1 file: sliplsp.dll of 84kB. When I try to delete this folder/file I get Access Denied. This happens in Safe Mode and also when I try to delete via Regedit.
I now notice that when I do a Registry search for Onspeed it shows up in:
My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Personal Firewall\AppCtrl\Components\White\546
and when I do a search for sliplsp.dll it shows up in:
My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Personal Firewall\AppCtrl\Components\White\552
Curiously, when I look in Comodo in Explorer there is no mention of this file.
Can someone explain what’s going on here and advise (a) if sliplsp.dll is in fact an integral component of Comodo Firewall, and (b) why it doesn’t show up in Explorer?!

Hi Astra :slight_smile:

CFP protects its own registry keys, which may be the problem you are facing. Try this:

Go to CFP/Advanced/Misc/program Settings

Remove the tick from the box: Protect own Registry keys and files…

Try to delete the file, but you may have to reboot first.

Hope this helps.


Hi Astra
sliplsp.dll - SlipStream Internet Accelerator Server.
Would be part of onspeed program I presume not comodo.
Looks like a left over bit in component monitor. Does that file show up in “Component Monitor”. If it does remove it from there, reboot your system and see if you can delete the file normally.


Thanks to Toggie and sullo. To both of you I must point out that I’m still wearing 'L’plates!
sullo - yes I guess that the file is a leftover from Onspeed, but how on earth did it find its way into Comodo? It does show in Component Monitor (together with another SlipStream Inc file) and I tried to Remove it, but when I rebooted it had reappeared!
Toggie - I don’t know how to get into CFP/Advanced/Misc/program Settings!

Hello again Toggie.
Abject apologies! I misunderstood your instruction re un-ticking that box. Eventually it dawned on me where to find it. However, having done what you suggested the entry reappeared after rebooting.
Thanks anyhow.

Hi Astra.

The reason you are seeing remnants of the program in Component Monitor, is because at some point in the past, either the application (Onspeed) itself, or some other application that needed to use it, loaded the DLL’s. You should have received an alert from CFP for this event (I hope you read alert details when they pop-up :slight_smile: )

The reason it reappears in the Component Monitor following a removal and a reboot, is for the reason I described above. Try the following:

Open Component Monitor, remove the dll then select ‘Apply’ (Top right). Reboot and see if the dll comes back.

If it does, you will have to follow the procedure I outlined above. Do this:

In CFP. open the Security Tab, then on the left, you will see the Advanced option. From there choose Misc and then program Settings. At the bottom you will see the check box:

Protect own Registry keys and files…

Remove the tick. Then go back to Component Monitor, remove the dll, tick Apply, reboot.

Hopefully that should remove the entry. Make sure you re-tick the box mentioned above to re-protect the registry keys.

This has been discussed elsewhere on the forum. I’ll try and find the link to the thread.