Comodo and Remote Desktop

Searching the forum before posting a query I find that this question remains unanswered and I now find myself in the same position. To simplify:

Two Internet-connected PCs at different locations, both running XP and Comodo firewall.

One of those PCs needs to be able to establish a Remote Assistance/Remote Desktop session with the other when invited to do so.

What are the Comodo implications at both ends?

I believe the port number for remote desktop is 3389.

Answer in some detail please as I am not yet very familiar with Comodo.

Thanks in advance,

  • Billy

You can have a try on Gooer Remote Desktop Service(, it works fine in our company.

Well, I guess you can do it a few different ways. I tried it this way, but got complications I believe must be a limitation of Comodo Firewall though? Once I connected all the Comodo services stopped saying it can’t find the drivers, and please reinstall. I just rebooted it, and then it was fine again. But I guess I can’t RDP to my box anymore?

Anyways, the rules I setup to make the RDP work:

  1. Go to Network Monitor
  2. Add new Rule
  3. Source IP = Any or if you want to limit it to specific computer being able to connect to you
  4. Dest IP = Any (which would be itself anyway)
  5. Source Port = Any (needs to be Any since this is a dynamic port)
  6. Dest Port = Single Port 3389
  7. Make sure to push this rule you just created up the list above any blocking rules

Now what is up with Comodo crashing after I RDP to it?!

/ Perski


Just curious. Did you try RDP yet? Did you have any problems with the firewall after you connected? Wondering if it’s just me…?


/ Perski

You also need to add a rule for svchost under application rules to allow TCP port 3389 IN along with the Network rule under Global Rules. I use Comodo on an admin machine and can remote in to that PC from any PC on the network.

I am using the beta firewall and not version 2.4 though.

Hope this helps.


There is a tutorial on setting up various remote connections in this thread:,6167.0.html