COMODO and Pinnacle Studio


I have got an issue with the use of pinnacle studio 15: effectively Studio are trying to access to data on root folder C: and to COMODO registery key, consequently Studio running time is reduced drastically, making it unusable.
So my question: is there a way to completely deactivated other protection that the firewall?

Thank you in advance


Adding it to the behavioral blocker exceptions may help. Did you try that yet?

Hi, thank you for your support

I have added everything in this exception list: not really better.
So I understand there is no mean to completly remove HIPS?

For this part, COMODO sucks.

Do you have the HIPS enabled, or just the Behavioral Blocker?

Also, which version of Comodo Firewall do you have installed?

HIPS is deactivated and I have deleted everything in the list of protected object.
The version is 6.2.285401.2860

Try adding it to the exceptions for “Detect shellcode injections”.

I have already deactivated this option.

Okay, I cannot think of anything else to try at the moment.

Hopefully someone who has more experience with this will chime in soon and provide additional advice.


Don’t be sorry, I thank you a lot for your support.
We request only from a firewall to do its job, I don’t understand why Comodo (and others like zone alarm) introduce more intrusive control, more under the role of a antivirus.

With the list of protected objects empty there is no more protection. I would advice to use Windows System Restore, when possible, to get back to a situation before you deleted the list.

When system restore is not possible the only thing to advice is to import a factory default configuration and activate it. You will start from scratch then. When importing the factory default config you need to give it a name.Give it an applicable name like CIS Internet Security New. The factory default configurations can be found in the CIS installation folder.

Usually when programs are not working because of the CIS self protection it is when they cannot access CIS in memory. Are you sure Pinnacle is upset by not being able to access the CIS registry keys?

This is part of the proactive approach. With this approach the behaviour of programs under the hood of Windows gets scrutinised. This route is chosen because anti virus programs have been loosing the battle.