Comodo and pdf files

Thanks!.. Ill try it. however, I cannot find a means to download JAVARA from the link you provided. Most likely it is something I am doing wrong, but I cannot discover what. Can you help , maybe with another link?

Try -

Hi again, here is an update.
I am still getting java update reminders.

When I visit some particular sites, such as for banking, I am unable to view the page because a java update pops up announcing my java is outdated and vulnerable. I am unable to close the pop up for it just reappears when I do.
I thought I was using something else that you recommended to use instead of java. and I don’t understand why I am getting the pop ups and why I am not able to put down / do away with the java issues? and see my banking web pages with the other. ?
I hope I’m making sense, as I often muddy the waters when I explain something. let me know where I need to clarify.
Thanks friend!

Unfortunately, there are no alternatives to Java. If it’s needed for you bank login, you’ll have to make sure it’s installed. Just enable click-to-play, as mentioned earlier.