Comodo (and other AV's) bug, exploits and vulnerabity reports

Here are the slides for my #syscan talk “Breaking AV Software”. ODP

Identified vulnerabilities are important to enhance and develop new protection mechanisms.
Identify them and correct them in time is a battle, large companies are targets for zero-day flaws.
Recognize and enhance the development cycle, as well as ways to reward those who work by detecting flaws and exploits can collaborate on improving the software.

This is unbelievable, a report that shows vulnerabilities and bugs of Comodo is moved to the “General Security Questions and Comments” section and totally ignored by Comodo Staff…

According to the document Comodo AV is vulnerable:

Comodo: Heap overflow with Chm

The Buffer Overflow protection will hopefully catch the heap overflow. I installed the old Comodo Buffer Overflow tester to see that CIS will protect from Heap execution.

Next time please describe your case more clearly. It will help to get your point across more successful.

I have dropped egemen a pm.

Sorry I copy paste the text directly from twitter:
"Here are the slides for my #syscan talk “Breaking AV Software”. ODP "
But I’m not the author of it

If egemen needs more information he can contact with the the person who did this, he has made this post on wilders.