Comodo and Nvidia GPUs

Hello there.

Just before, I was contemplating to switch Firewalls, away from Comodo. Not because I dislike this firewall, I am just getting tired of working around with my Gaming PC that I regularly switch from SLI GPU’s to dual monitor setups. I don’t want to move away from Comodo since I have been using it since 2012~ and it is a Firewall that I will always recommend for offensive security.

I have figured a way around how to update the drivers for my GPU, so this is no problem anymore. Now, the problem I am trying to fix now is when it black screens by switching from/to SLI to Dual Monitors I have to restart my computer several times to make it work. (I have tried disabling Comodo, doing the update method where you close Comodo altogether) But I can’t find a stable fix. The SLI will never stick, after a reboot, it will go back to the single GPU, so I have to restart the whole process again when I want to play a game like GTA 5 on ultra graphics.

Is there a fix for this? I couldn’t find a similar post on Google about it.

There is a new build out with Windows. I am testing the driver update after updating Windows to see if they have resolved the issue they re-introduced with the last build.