Comodo and Norton Ghost conflict

I’ve run Comodo for a couple of years and like it a lot. However, I ran into a problem with the most recent update. This is on a Dell GX250 (Pentium IV 2.8, 1G RAM, Windows XP SP2, default (administrative) user, no modifications to Comodo, Avast antivirus also running). Rather than have a restore disk, Dell provides a backup copy of the system in a Norton Ghost partition on the hard drive. After the latest update, I got the following error when I booted the system:

Microsoft Visual C++
runtime library buffer overrun detected
program:C:\Program Files\Symantec\Ghost\ngctw32.3x3ntldr

I had an Acronis TrueImage backup, so I reinstalled and then set about updating everything, this time to Windows XP SP3. I then updated Comodo to the latest version and the error message reappeared. I uninstalled Comodo and the message no longer happens.

I too have run into the same problem, 2 IBM’s, with all the same updates for XP, and Avast. Getting the same error message. Any help out there??

The latest version of CIS has Buffer Overflow protection you will have to add your application to exclusions screenshot below.

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