comodo and netscape

I just installed Comodo and I’m running netscape email v4.7

Everytime I launch netscape mail, comodo allows it to launch, but then netscape disappears into thin air as if I closed out of it.

I’ve tried many ways to make netscape mail stay open, but all have been unsuccessful. Comodo keeps closing out of it

Please help,

try to disable D+ and start netscape email and see if you get netscape email up and running.
If so you has probably blocked it with the D+ module.

I took your suggestion and disabled defense plus, but it didn’t work. Actually, defense plus was always disabled, but I did it again and netscape won’t stay launched.

Do you have another suggestion?


Wierd, maby its Netscape email v4.7 thats not working as supposed.
Is this a website or a program?

Netscape died a long time ago, AOL bought the company.
Maby you should try some other software than netscape email v4.7, maby check AOL’s homepage.

Have you ever gotten it to work on the computer you are using?
When did you access the mail last? <---- test if you can access your email from there. (redirect to AOL).

Here’s how I got netscape and comodo to work.

I went to the advanced tab and removed it.

I launched netscape and hit blocked when the window appeared.

I then went into comodo and made netscape a trusted program.

I then logged into my netscape mail.

I can’t believe no one at comodo was aware of this work-around.