Comodo and mobile network

Hi, I’m use a mobile network as my Internet connection. It’s basically a dial-up, so the IP is dynamically assigned. Now, everytime I dial up and make a successful connection, Comodo pops up with the “New Private Network Found” dialog, and asks me to name it. It’s not a make-or-break issue, but it is annoying. I have tried to define a new network zone using an IP range, but that didn’t help. I’m using Comodo Pro V3.0.20.320 on Vista-32. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


Add your networks IP-range as a trusted zone, then go to MiscellaneousSettings and untick Automatically detect new private networks. There’s no need for it to be added every time if it’s already there.


Thank you, Ragwing. I thought about doing that, but won’t that cause me trouble later when I’m near some hotspot, and I want to pick up the public wi-fi?