Comodo and Microsoft Updates

Very recently, Microsoft update KB924673 would not install with Comodo Firewall Pro installed. One blogger at :
had to uninstall Comodo. I tried to install the update 22 times and it failed each time. I then read the blog “There’s no need to uninstall Comodo.
Open the CFP Gui, select the Defense+ tab → Defense+ Tasks → Defence+ Settings. Check the option ‘Deactivate the Defense+ permanently (Requires a system restart)’. Note: The summary will state that the Defense+ security level is set to Inactive; Restart and install patch then revert to the original setting in Defense+ and restart again.” This worked for me but not others, depending on the particular Vista being used as the operating system. Does Comodo have a fix for this for the future updates? Please note - it does not affect all of the other fixes that Microsoft sent along. At this time, it was just this one! Does the latest update from COMODO address this issue?
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Along this same line of thought, why is it that the updates sent out by Microsoft are not added to the digitally signed list by Comodo Labs? If they are not Digitally Signed by Microsoft then contact them to get them to sign their own software so it can be included. Example:;msg119362#msg119362

That is a rambling message I posted in Comodo Forums Help for V3.0 where the ‘mpas-d.exe’ file was attempting to modify a protected file. I did not know what that was so according to the CFP they did not know either so I ‘Blocked’ it. Later finding out that it is an UpDate file for ‘Windows Defender’ a lesson learned.

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