Comodo and Microsoft ie9 incompatibility?

Installed IE9 Beta without turning off Comodo firewall…have since installed IE9, but since the Beta, I do not have use of Microsoft Windows Explorer…cannot open folders or control panel, etc. Windows 7 over Vista on Toshiba laptop. I read/saw somewhere that there was a problem involving Comodo and IE9

Have you tried running scannow to see if that resolves Windows issues?

Hi CalBob

1st, why IE9 beta, when there is a stable release already?

Then, are yoyu running Comodo Verification Engine (CVE)?

If so, you may indeed face big troubles with Windows Explorer (basically system is rendered inoperable and has to be restored to the previouse state)

Please read the following threads:;msg509696#msg509696;msg510872#msg510872;msg509439#msg509439

Other than that there are no conflicts at least with Firewall and Defence+ and IE9 final version

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We are not aware of such problems. Did you make changes to the rule for Windows Explorer?

Hi Eric,

Was the question addressed to me?

If so the incompatibility with CVE was posted by me 1st in Offtopic , but then few users described similar behaviour. See several links above … could be some more

What do you mean by “changes to the rule for Windows Explorer”?

No there were no rules if you asking about Defense+ or so.
I just eventually (after several system recovery procedures) found the event logs that stated that VE cased problems. Then I just uninstalled VE( anuway it is not compatible neither with IE9 nor with Fox4).
After that I was able to install IE9 without any problems and most importantly without that horrible side effect regarding Windows Explorer


Hi Siber. The question was actually for CalBob.

Ah! Ok then - there was no name :slight_smile:

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