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I read somewhere recently that more and more people are “forsaking” windows in favour of Linux. Have the creators of CFP considered producing a Linux version? It may be a wise thing to do so as not to get left behind if Microsoft’s user base is shrinking as much and as fast as we are told.

I believe Comodo has or did make commerical fire wall called "Trustit/trustfix firewall " or some name like that for Linux.

Their press release:

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Melih has stated before that as of right now they are not building anything for the Linux platform and that nothing is on the drawing board. Perhaps in the future that will change, but for now the Trustix server firewall is the only thing for Linux.


i cant see what is wrong with the firewall that is already installed with linux, firestarter and guarddog are as good as any other, i use linux ubuntu 8.04, and with the firestarter gui i can allow or block ip’s. and it blocks unwanted connections aswell.
i realy wouldnt bother to try to find a personal firewall like the windows comodo, as there’s just as good a job done by the standard one that is installed… although may i add it would be nice for comodo to do a linux version of their firewall… wait and see we shall!!

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I reckon that people are lacking outbound application traffic control from linux.

Linux is something with a very few malware to be aware off 88) Outbound protection… I need to look into Linux, Study it a bit…


Yeah I know. And you can configure linux to drive your car too…lol.
But a newbie has no clue whats happening. And as the popularity of linux distros increases the number of malware would also be bigger I think so.

I agree with you. Much like Windows Vista (Which is ■■■■ IMO).


It’s obvious that you don’t know anything about Linux - which you confirmed two posts earlier.

Hi tlu,

I think that there is a little bit of misunderstanding.
As I see it, Josh replied to “number of malware would also be bigger”, but then he just combined a proper definition of Vista into the same sentence.
As I perceive it, he did not compare Vista to Linux as OS.
That was just a separate remark about Vista being ■■■■, which is absolutely correct. :slight_smile:

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Thank you :slight_smile:


Yes, You are correct.