Comodo and LAN games

I have 2 computers networked and I defined this as a trusted network using the comodo wizard. The network works just fine for file/printer sharing but as soon as I try to play LAN games my computer locks up. If turn off my modem and disable comodo firewall the LAN games play just fine. Anyone have any idea whats going on here?

PLease? I dont want to have to disconnect from the internet and comodo everytime I play a game on my LAN.

Bueller? Bueller? … erm I mean anyone?

Does the logs say anything?

When it happens it locks my system up completely forcing me to reset, I believe the logs to be wiped in this case?

Have I been put into the too hard basket?

Does your game run in full screen?

If it does, I guess what happens is this:

  • Your game initializes the full screen display.
  • Your game tries to access the network.
  • Comodo intercepts that, and dutifully pops-up a caution.

Problem is…

When your game starts the full-screen, the pop-up got hidden behind the DirectDraw Surface (i.e. that thing your game overlays on top of the standard desktop).

Real solution: Allow total access for your game via the Application Monitor. Problem is if you don’t know what the .exe file is.

What’s your game, anyway? Perhaps other players of that game knows where the problem lies.

motorcross madness is the game.

What you describe makes sense, i’ll try and allow total access for the game in application monitor.

Thanks for the input.

I allowed total access to the game in application monitor, to no avail. If I try to play multiplayer with comodo turned on my systme locks up. I cant even get out by ctrl+alt+deleting.