Comodo and K9 Web Protection (Parental Control)


I just readed the user manual of the last release 4.0 of K9 Web Protection (Parental control) and found the following information :
“Better Support for Personal Firewalls and Internet Security Products
K9 Web Protection testing confirms compatibility with the following third-party
personal firewall and internet security products:
❐ Personal firewalls: Comodo”

Is Comodo aware of it ? … Are the 2 products now compatible or are going to become compatible soon ?


What version number of Comodo Firewall do they mention?

Hi All,

They mention this in the User Manual, I’ll ask Egemen what he knows about this.

They don’t mentionned a Comodo version nr.
Some news from Egemen ?


I heard from him, he doesn’t know it’s compatible all of a sudden so apparently they have not been in contact with him, and if someone should know this, i guess it’s him :slight_smile:

I’ll see if i can rig up a test environment and see what happens…

Hello Pieteke,

I did a so called Quick and Dirty test with the installation of K9 4.0.288 installed before i installed CIS 3.10.x531, CIS complained about K9 being installed and i chose to continue the installation of CIS.

It seems to work, Firewall does alert for outbound and inbound traffic, it blocks if i ask it to block…

Be aware that this is not a QA test and that there still could be issues with K9 and CIS !
At least i did not run in to a BSOD/Crash of windows while testing and scanning the system.
So i’d say “use at your own risk” could apply here.


Hi Ronny,

Thanks for your test.
I’m going to use it and if I find a problem I will give you a feedback …

Kind Regards,

No problem, your welcome.