Comodo and Intuit??

Just installed Comodo Internet Security CIS after uninstalling AVG (free) and Zonealarm (free)
First time after install (after the malware scan and subsequent reboot) I kept having Turbo Tax It’s Deductible 2006 try to install. I canceled the installation , but it immediately started to try again. No matter where in the attempted install I canceled it would immediately restart the install script. It showed as an application, but I could find no process that seemed responsible.
If I let it get to the point that it was asking for the install disk, it was perfectly happy waiting, with no degradation of performance noticeable.
Comodo tech support online chat suggested looking at msconfig for a start routine that was calling for Turbotax to install. I didn’t think I would find anything, but looked anyway. Nothing seemed out of sorts.
Possibly in the registry? I do have a viewer somewhere that can tell you what the registry is asking to be started.
I finally opened “Add and Remove Programs” and went to the TurboTax uninstaller. It took a few tries of timing the mouse clicks, but I finally got the uninstaller to start in the nano second that the Installer was restarting.
I just don’t know what to expect when I reboot.

You could go to the Active Process List under Defense + → Common Tasks → Active Process List. See if the process shows up → select it → click right → choose Terminate and block → do the same thing for a sibling process when needed(?)

Does this help?

I successfully rebooted and never had the problem again. While I don’t remember installing Turbo Tax It’s Deductible 2006, Intuit has that annoying habit of interpreting what you mean by checking the “NO” box when it asks if you want to install additional software. It surely had been installed, because the uninstaller was present in Add or Remove…
After a day I am becoming quite comfortable with Comodo. I like that it doesn’t seem as bloated as what Zonealarm became, and gives more types of permissions other than “allow” as on Zonealarm. I am very impressed.
Tonight I put all of the ports in stealth mode and performed a port scan at “Shields Up”. Not one of the 1056 ports it tested was visible. Nor were the common ports, point is it reported that the computer was invisible to any port scanners. (:KWL) (not one to usually smiley)