Comodo and Intenet Explorer

Hi-new to the forum and so far have found Comodo to be very well worth having and can well recommend it to all. Never found any problems with the set up, it runs silently in the background and does all that I require of it-pretty simple really (:TNG)
One query I have is that when I click on Updates the screen shot tells me that it uses Internet Explorer’s connection to deliver updates. I have ditched anything & everything to do with IE and it’s peripheries and use Firefox & Opera for preference. Does this mean that Comodo will not update without IE being installed? I do note on occasion that whilst on-line the Comodo Icon in the systen tray has an arrow appearing which follows a downward movement then stops but does not ask for a reboot. Does this mean that Comodo is in fact updating without requiring a reboot or does it simply update after I log off and reboot at a later date?
Regards Gordon.

Hi Gordon

I think you’ll find that CFP updates just fine without recourse to IE. I have IE totally blocked on my PC and CFP does it’s stuff without a problem.

The traffic indicator in the systray icon could be anything, perhaps it’s checking for updates. It maybe NetBIOS, if you have a LAN. It could be any other program updating… The logs should give some hint.