Comodo and high memory usage [Resolved]

I’m having a problem. cpf.exe is using around 18MB of my memory. I need to lessen this or I’m switching back to Norton firewall. Norton firewall didn’t take up this much memory.

I turned off all the logs. Any other ideas?

Logging only affects cpu, not memory.

Temporary Workaround: minimize the GUI.
Permanent Solution: upgrade to version 3 when it releases. The beta was just released today.

Thank you and I’ll give the beta version a try. CPF.exe memory usage is up to 26MB now.

Remember to clean uninstall 2.4 before installing non-final versions of CFP. Also a good idea to create backups before you start. Be sure to report back.

I’ve been hearing that in a few weeks the final version will be released?

I like this new beta version 100 X better than the older version.

cpf.exe uses 1/2 the memory…I’m happy, lol.

I’ve got it on learning…and I’ve always found that part annoying…having to approve something every 5 seconds, lol.

I’d be interested to see such rumour as I’m surprised someone else knows more about the final version’s release date than Comdo staff or myself. Aherm:

Glad to know v3 has reduced resource usage on your computer. I don’t have a test computer to try it out, so if you need assistance the appropriate Beta Corner has child boards there. That being the case, I’ll end this thread (unless you need to open it later you can pm an available mod).