Comodo and Google Chrome

Tempted to try Comodo CIS again but i want to ask if it’s still having conflicts with Google Chrome?
Last 3 times that i tried it blocks chrome even when allowing everything, in fact even when turned off!! >:( >:(

Please give an honest answer! O0

I’m looking at your posting in the latest chrome, with CIS Complete installed in pro-active mode. So what’s the problem if I can do it?

There is no known incompatibility between CIS and Chrome or any other Chromium based browser.

My honest answer? I would humbly suggest that you not doing something right when responding to the installation alert, or you have a BLOCK rule already in place (from an initial error) that is preventing further attempted installs.

Ewen :slight_smile:

First, after installing Comodo Chrome fails to load, it gets stuck like this forever (No new tab webpage which is my set homepage)

After entering a website it get stuck here also and never loads a dang thing.

Even AFTER closing Comodo CIS it’s still stuck and useless, the only way of getting rid of this is UNINSTALLING Comodo CIS. This have happened since like february and i’m uninstalling this again due to this BUG! (I have reformatted at least like 3 times and it’s still the same BS! >:(

My fourth time uninstalling this sigh this is getting frustrating such a good Suite and i can’t use it xD

Have you ever deliberately sandboxed chrome? At any time?

Best wishes


Nope, it’s not sandboxed. It’s allowed in full “Trust”.
I can’t believe not even closing the program works ???
Anyways, Comodo is out of my PC once again, will wait a month or so to try it, again with my hopes this will get fixed in the future :cry: