Comodo and Games?

Ive installed Comodo after hearing so much good about it. Uninstalled zonealarm and everything went smooth. Well until i started GTA:SA.

First i wasnt sure what was going on, weird hitches appearing every 3-5 seconds. They were quite annoying, freezing the game. The duration was very short at times, at worst they could be upto a second long. Since i werent sure what was causing the problems i played on, but eventually i started checking what programs could be causing these issues. The only “new” program that was on the computer was Comodo Firewall.

I started by turning off different settings etc to see if anything could remove the hitches. Nothing worked, so i started thinking maybe it wasnt the firewall causing these problems. So i shut it down, completetly and returned to game. All the hitches dissapeared. Note: this game is suppose to run very smooth on my computer and never had any problems with ZoneAlarm.

Is there any way to fix the hitches im having? Would be great if anyone have a solution to the problem im having please.

Forgot to add this game does not connect anywhere. Still i added it to have full access to whatever it would want. This did nothing to remove the hitches in the game.

Hi huldu,
what exactly hitches do you have? Describe them and let us know what connection requirements GTA has (need inbound / outbound / both).
I play falcon 4.0 on hyperlobby with no issues. I also played C&C online with success.

Its GTA:SA, it doesnt use internet connection to play. Ive only played GTA tho, its where i see the hitches/lag caused by Comodo for some reason.

The hitches that appear are computer freezes (very shortly) every 3-5 sec often. At times it can take upto 10 or more seconds to see one, but they are more severe and can cause game to freeze for a second. How do i know its Comodo causing these? It was quite easy to track down really. I dont have any problems playing the game so i knew the hitches was caused by Comodo Firewall. First thing i did was trying to disable functions to see if a specific one made the game hitch, but with no success.

As last resort i shut down Comodo Firewall and, just like that the game run smoothly again. Just out of curiosity i installed ZoneAlarm to see if that caused any problems. No game problems whatsoever, which is weird because of anything should cause problems, it would be ZoneAlarm since its more intense on system resources than Comodo Firewall.

GTA like i said has no internet connections at all, you cant even update the game thru internet. So firewall shouldnt target the game for any reason.

Thats pretty much it.

My computer: 2.5ghz intel, 1.5gb ram, radeon 9800 pro.

Try the following steps (diagnostic purposes):

With CFP still running, physically disconnect the computer from the internet. Then run the game and see if the hangs continue.

Then do the same as above, but with CFP, move Security Level to Allow all. Then run the game and see if the hangs continue.

In any event, when you have the hangs occurring, what is using CPU? Use something like Task Manager, Process Explorer, etc.