Comodo and gameguard creating bsod 0x000000f4

can you help me im new here and im experienciing bsods from comodo and gameguard. this happens when i start maple story or gunz.

if you kno ne one who can help me plz point me in the right direction.

Can you post the minidump here:

I just like to post, since there might be others GOOGLING for the answer to 0x000000F4. It’s a problem with Comodo firewall and is still a problem as of April 4th 2009. The solution is to uninstall it, even permanently disabling defense + won’t work. Apparently this problem only affects Vista users could possibly be of a certain type; my source would be personal experience. Two comps, one Vista Home Premium and one XP Professional, both with the same version of Comodo Firewall. Xp works fine, Vista had to be uninstalled.

I don’t have BSODs but the games won’t open and some of resident processes start to close one after another.
My OS is Vista Business 32 bits SP1.
If I disable D+ permanently it works well.

When setting up rules for games it is best to set Defense + settings to clean PC mode when running the game. After that nudge the setting back up. Do that a couple of times. This way CIS will learn without interrupting you.

I guess you didn’t get what is going on. To play games with Gameguard you need to deactivate permanently D+, either way the game won’t run. Gameguard works as a rootkit and it can’t accept D+'s driver so you need to permanently deactivate it to deactivate the driver. I already tried all ways with no success.

You didn’t state you were using a Gameguard protected game. Hence my reply. Didn’t mean to bug you.

Don’t say that. I could be more clear, sorry.
Well, the fact id that D+ and Gameguard don’t like each other. But I’m sure it will be fixed some day but we can’t expect it from INCA. :-TD

This is what you want. read my reply in the link.;msg270922#msg270922

I guess your post got edited, you can’t hack Gameguard, you can be banned from the game server.

One of moderators edited it.

It can’t be detected. ;D

I’m able to play a Gameguard protected game with Defense+ on (set on Safe mode). I’ve just had to “treat as trusted application” a couple of times when CIS asked me about GG files.

I’m running Vista Business x64

Can you tell us what .exe files you made trusted application? That will help us a lot

Since I am not using Game Guard protected games I don’t know how it works and I am interested to know what files are being used. I think Punkbuster uses a technique in which each time it starts it will give its executables new names. I want to know if with Game Guard not something similar is happening.

PunkBuster’s resolve is to make Trusted the two programs it uses, as per this thread.

I just can’t do that, if I have D+ on all my residents start to close and my computer gets slow before I can do a thing.

EDIT: I was able to play setting Gameguard’s apps as trusted and setting D+ disabled permanently w/o restarting.

Basically whatever files that I was alerted about when starting the game for the first time. For me they were 2 copies of gameguard.des (one in game root folder and another in Gameguard subforlder, these are different files as I look at them) and 2 game files, a patcher and main exeuctable.
I’ve also made root folder gameguard.des trusted in firewall settings as it seems to be downloading GG updates (if Gameguard subfolder is deleted it gets downloaded again by that file)