Comodo and First Defense ISR [Resolved]

I use First Defense to make system snapshots. Now with Comodo I get errors due to cmdmon.sys. I know this is the driver for Comodo. It seems that FD can’t copy it or something. Has anyone had this problem and what can I do to correct or work around?

It’s part of CFP’s new self-defense.

Hi Soyabeaner. I figured that was the case. But I was hoping that there is some way to work around this for making a system snapshot.

What if you temporarily disable the option of protecting own registry and files in the Advance options?

Thank you my friend. That did the trick. Viva COMOD. :BNC

Good call, soyabeaner! (:CLP)

William, just make sure you turn the registry protection option back on, when you’re not taking a snapshot…


It’s that new avatar of yours. ;D Is that to commemorate the release of 2.4?

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Sorry, but FDR is far too important to risk on my system. The need to disable anything on the firewall in order to take snapshots, with the risk of not turning the setting back on make it unusable for me, and a lot of FDR users. Shame because it was looking very good.