Comodo and FF 2.0.0 1 just will not peaceably coexist..wht can I do?

Hello to all,

I hope someone can help me understand this.
Windows XP SP2, have IE6 and FF 2.0.01 but choose to use FF whenever I can.
With Comodo installed, IE6 runs smoothly (with the strange exception that now the Indy Star is showing up in restricted sites, but that’s the least of my trouble :)…however, with Comodo installed, FF will absolutely not load pages properly, it’s like it’s blocking them from loading.

I, unfortunately do not have the computer savvy to know how to fix this in Comodo settings. I know it’s not FF because I have uninstalled Comodo and problem goes away.

On a whim, I reinstalled Comodo hoping against hope it was resolved (what’s that line about doing the same thing and expecting different results??), and of course it wasn’t, same problem.

So today I once again had to uninstall Comodo but I hope maybe someone knows how to fix this, I like the firewall alot and don’t want to have to go find another. Right now I have Prevx1, AVG for antivirus, Spywareblaster, Spybot S &D, Ad Aware SE and AVG antispyware, with Windows XP firewall up till I hopefully get an answer on Comodo.

Please help if anyone can, thank you

I use FF with Comodo FW Pro and don’t have any problems. I also use AVG Free, SpyBot S&D, and Lavasoft AdAware. I disabled the Windows firewall and let Comodo handle the load.

Welcome to the forum, Shamnrockdream.

It might be that that FF was blocked an Application Monitor rule. We would have to see a screenshot of your rules to know what happened. Why IE6 worked is most likely thanks to the default ‘applications certified by Comodo’ option enabled - it doesn’t need any rule modifications.