Comodo and Fastweb Limited or Absent Connectivity

i hope that my english will be good enough…
I have Fastweb from 1 year and since today no problem with the connection
I’ve installed Comodo and works fine but after 5-10 minutes of connection the network stop saying that “Connectivity is limited or absent”
I think that could be a problem related to the ip refresh made by dhcp
In fact i can resume the connection stopping comodo and clicking restore on connections or restarting the entire pc…
Anyone can tell me what setting i have to configure for fastweb in network monitor?
If this could help in the application monitor the element blocked are rundll32.exe and svchost.exe
I’ve added in the network monitor the rules for my internal lan and i’ve defined the two zone correctly as it is suggested in the forum…

Hi Rain, welcome to the forums

Neither rundll32.exe or svchost.exe should be blocked. As you already suspect, this is probably why you loose your Internet connection when CFP is active. Review all the entries in CFPs Application & Component Monitors and allow all Windows system components.

If you need advice on blocking something that you are uncertain of, then please feel free to ask here. I am sure someone will be able to help you.

I have Fastweb as the connection provider and I use CPF; I don’t think there is to configure anything specific for Fastweb in Network Monitor or elsewhere; I didn’t touch these settings, and I don’t experience the problem you mention.

I had some occasional problem of connection shutdown, but they were sporadic and I can’t link them to having a Fastweb connection; I’d rather link them to some unusual applications behaviors that occured sometimes in my system.

Furthermore these problems so far seem to be solved, see,4414.0.html .