COMODO and eMule

Hey ppl!

I downloaded and installed comodo yesterday. It seems like a nice product and everithing works fine. Except for Emule. I ve been using zone alarm and had no problems with it. I have 8/1mbit connection. and with zone alarm download speed reached 3oo kB/s. With comodo it reaches about 20 max. I have done everithing that i culd after searching this forum for clues. I have changed the ports in emule and i have opened the ports in comodo. Sometimes it gets low id sometimes it gets high id when i connect?! The speed just dont reach over 20kB?! What am i doing wrong. If i cant find out i ll be forced to use the old firewall.

Please help.

Did you move the two rules in the network monitor up a few lines so they are mentioned before the last line? That did the trick with me.

I have the same problem. I follwed the instructions in,411.0.html

and moved the rules but edonkey wouldn’t work very well.

Did some tests with old firewall sygate and great speeds there none with new firewall.

okay, first off, hello! i am like a good portion of folks using this firewall, i came from the school of zone alarm…about 4 years now. i defected after running several leak test, which “my hero” za failed miserably. paranoia set in and i was off to find firewall nirvana.

i downloaded cpf and came close to giving it the boot immediately. i like comodo, but i luuvvv maxthon browser and will allow absolutely nothing to come between it and me, and cpf was really hassling me (at first) when running maxthon. those issues have seemingly vanished…very glad about that!

while the learning curve of this app (cpf) seems huge to the uninitiated (me) we are starting to become good friends. i am still not completely convinced i have it configured as it should be things are basically looking good, until i get to emule.

i was originally getting no connectivity, then i read a couple of tutorials and reset the tcp/udp settings and viola: high id. then just cruising around the cpf interface i landed on the activity/connections page…and yikes!!! there are about 12-15 connections just a rockin! i mean huge outflows of data, and i am thinking what is this??? i have one 400mb file i am downloading, very little in the in-folder for sharing, and yet i see one connection has a 1.8 gigs of traffic, another 800=mb etc. i began closing connections and fast.

it is obvious i have something sorely mis-configured, but what? i don’t know which ports other than 4662 for tcp and 4667 for udp needs to be open. this was never an issue with za…because it just wasn’t?!? za had one feature i really miss: in system tray it has green for download traffic and red for upload traffic and at a glance i could monitor what was going on. if i saw a large red bar and i was not uploading, i checked which apps were running and if it didn’t match i cut the connection.

if anyone can help me understand what settings i need to make to have secure emule sessions i would appreciate it. i am pretty sure data was not supposed to be leaving my computer at anywhere near the rate it seemed tobe leaving.


well thanks all for the assist. can we say Outpost Pro?